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Micro labeling complex PC-01M

front view sample sample sample

The principle of action of complex PC-01M grounded on scanning of a beam of the solid-state laser working in a Q-switching operation with the help of acoustooptic deflectors in two orthogonally related planes that allows to create in a plane of a focusing of radiation of the 2D-image which aspect is set by the user by means of software.


Micro labeling complex PC-01M can be used for drawing images and the text on plastic, a film and other fusible materials. Thus the complex has fast response which is defined by the quantity of burnable points in the superimposed image, increased on a pulse repetition frequency of laser light. The peak exposure is attained on frequency 4 kHz, and the peak speed on frequency 10 kHz.

Performance capability

1. Wavelenght, nm 1064
2. Output Power*, mW 300@10kHz
3. Pulse Energy, mJ 0,05@4kHz
4. Repetition Rate, kHz 1-10
5. Pulse Lenght, ns 10@1kHz
6. Beam Diameter (tipical), mm 9
7. Beam Divergence, mrad 0,3
8. Scan Angle, max -1,5...+1,5 degrees
9. Scan Field Dimensions**, mm 26х26
10. Dimensions Laser Head, mm 255х80х65
11. Dimensions Power Supply, mm 315х200х81
12. Weight Laser Head, kg 1,5
13. Weight Power Supply, kg 2,5
14. Operating Voltage, V 27
15. Power Consumption (peak), W 270
16. Interface USB
*- in the "Сonstant" rate
**- with lens f' = 500 mm

details russian (1080 kb)
front panel Power Supply back panel Power Supply laser head

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